Statistical Dashboard

Child Protection Dashboard
Creation date : 15 June 2023

The Child Protection Dashboard displays data on the situation of children in Jamaica. The areas of focus are poverty, protection, health, education, crime and demography

Local Development Dashboard
Creation date : 15 June 2023

The local development dashboard showcases parish level disaggregated data for National Outcome Indicators, based on the availability of data. The Dashboard presents the indicators by the four National Goals.

Road Safety Dashboard
Creation date : 20 June 2023

The Road Safety Dashboard shows data related to Motor Vehicle Fatal Incidents and Motor Vehicle Fatalities. It aims to use data to aid in the creation of Safer Roads across Jamaica.

Education Dashboard
Creation date : 22 June 2023

The Education Dashboard gives the user insight into the quality of education and the performance of students.  Currently, the Dashboard largely gives focus to the primary level of education, with plans for further expansion to all levels.  Its offerings include key Primary Education Performance Indicators, Assessments and Staffing at the Secondary Level.  

JamData Dashboard
Creation date : 22 June 2023

 The multi-sectoral Jam Data Dashboard provides data on Jamaica’s economy, living standards, human development and environment. It also showcases key facts covering several areas of Jamaican life, culture and society.